I am running for State Assembly because this district needs new energy and a strong voice at the bargaining table in Albany.  As a life-long pro-choice advocate, I will always fight for a woman's right to make her own healthcare choices. I promise to hold open forums four times per year, throughout the district, to make sure your voice is heard. And I will stand up for working families to make childcare more affordable; protect our school funding; and ensure that everyone has access to quality, affordable healthcare. 

In these unprecedented times we need a representative who has

the experience to fight for Upstate priorities. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge for our communities, our businesses, and our local economy. As we look to the future and New Yorkers return to work, we must take bold action, make courageous choices and above all, prioritize policies that help the people of this state put their lives back together again. That is why I propose a three-prong plan I am calling: 



  1. Get New Yorkers Back to Work

  2. Balance Our Budget

  3. Rebuild Our Communities


Get New Yorkers Back to Work

New Yorkers are ready, willing and able to work. As your representative I will work with regional partners inside and outside the government to bring capital investments to Rochester to help us take on the kind of large scale infrastructure projects we need to improve our communities, protect us from the ravages of climate change, and put our people back to work.  Further, we must support the job creators who have seen enormous profit losses, or have even been forced to shutter their businesses entirely. Small business is the heart of our local economy, and we need to prioritize relief to those businesses. This is a time for investing in our people. To combat these challenges we must:  


  • Invest in necessary and urgent infrastructure improvements to help put people back to work in their own communities;

  • Invest in projects that will reduce carbon emissions, harden our shorelines against rising water levels, and increase our production of green energy;

  • Create 0% interest loans for small businesses to help them pay off debt associated with the shutdown or to start a new business after COVID-19 forced them to close;

  • Provide temporary pay-roll tax relief for small businesses to encourage hiring.


Balance Our Budget

Due to the reduction in expected tax revenue and the increased spending caused by emergency COVID-19 measures, New York is going to need to generate new revenue.  We cannot place this increased burden on our middle class so we must be bold, creative and courageous in our plan to fill this gap.  That is why Jen proposes:

  • Finally make billionaires pay their fair share by placing a 2% tax on wealth greater than $1 Billion - projected to raise $10 billion per year;

  • Create an ultra-millionaire tax on those earning $5 million or more per year - projected to raise $2.2 billion per year or more;

  • Impose a “pied a terre” tax on luxury homes worth more than $5 million which are not a person’s primary residence - projected to raise $650 million per year from people who can afford a second home worth more than almost any private residence in Monroe County.

  • Legalize recreational marijuana- projected to raise $300 million per year and recapture revenue that is now going to all of the States surrounding New York which have already legalized recreational marijuana.

  • Restore the sales tax on yachts and private jets, which was eliminated in 2015, and benefits only a small fraction of New Yorkers. 


Rebuild Our Communities


New York State is going to have tough choices to make as we move forward out of this crisis, and we need to ensure that Rochester’s priorities are not on the chopping block. It is more important than ever to send elected representatives to Albany’s majority who are proven advocates for our community. Jen Lunsford will be a tough negotiator sitting at the table where the decisions are being made, ensuring that our needs are being met.  Jen understands that we must:


  • Fully Fund Our Schools, because asking our educators to do 30% more with 30% less is unfair to our children, our educators, and our communities;

  • Utilize Rochester’s existing economic strengths to expand already successful businesses and to develop new opportunities;

  • Create a Healthcare System Focused on Patients and Outcomes, not Dollars and Cents-- This crisis has taught us that New Yorkers with less access to routine healthcare had overall worse outcomes during the pandemic for no reason other than their poverty; we must do better for every New Yorker.

  • Address Climate Change with Every Action We Take, because it is our responsibility to protect our water, air and land for future generations.

If you have specific questions about Jen's positions on certain issues please do not hesitate to contact her directly at or at 585-362-2117.