"My mom would get up at 5:00 in the morning, drive 25 miles

to her job, work all day, come home at 5 and make dinner

every night.  She made real mashed potatoes from scratch

at least three nights per week!  As a working mom myself

I am so grateful to her for showing me how to be an

attentive and present mother while juggling so many other

stresses and responsibilities.  That is why I am so passionate about helping working parents find ways to balance their home lives with their work lives, financially, practically and emotionally."

​Jen is a 38 year old resident of Perinton, NY.  She moved to Rochester in 2009 with her husband, Scott Hildebrandt, a graduate of Pittsford-Sutherland High School.  Jen was raised by a working mom and a stay at home dad, which was certainly not the norm on Long Island in the 1980's.  Jen's mom worked first as a secretary and then later as a sales manager at a lamp and lighting manufacturer.  Her father, a Vietnam Vet and former NYPD Officer, returned to the workforce as a retail manager once Jen started public school. 


a heart attack which left him severely weakened.  A life long asthma sufferer, like myself, my dad later developed COPD which ultimately contributed to his death at age 63.  That is why I sought out the American Lung Association.  I needed to do something meaningful with my time to help me cope with my father's untimely death and working for a group that advocates for people like us, for whom clean air and access to quality pulmonary healthcare is so important, went a long way towards helping me heal."  

Jen has dedicated her legal career to working with injured and disabled people, like her father. She is currently an attorney at Segar & Sciortino where she advocates for people at some of the most difficult times in their lives. She also serves as the Co-Chair of Lawyers for Good Government, a progressive legal activist group, and sits on the board of the Anthony Poselovich Memorial Foundation, which helps families of young children diagnosed with cancer.

"In my field I work directly with people from all walks of life: Old and young, men and women, gay and straight.  I work with immigrants and refugees; construction workers, nurses, waitresses, doctors, truck drivers and teachers; people from every race, every major religion.  I read their medical records and tax returns.  I talk to them-- really talk to them-- about their lives, their families, their dreams and their hardships.  Doing a job like mine really blurs the lines between liberal and conservative.  It is so easy to just stick a label on someone and write them off, but when you take the time to get to know people one to one you see that we are far more alike than we are different."

Jen graduated from Patchogue-Medford High School and then went on to major in Political Science and Philosophy at Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York, where she graduated with honors.  After college she moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a paralegal at the international law firm Sullivan & Cromwell where she had the good fortune to work on a major wrongful conviction case.  Jen returned to the east coast to attend law school at Boston University where she concentrated in healthcare law. While in law school Jen won the Dean’s Award for Constitutional Law and was appointed as an editor to the American Journal of Law and Medicine.


​Following law school Jen settled in Rochester to start her family and legal career.  Soon after she was admitted to practice, Jen began volunteering in the community with the Rochester Teen Court acting as a mediator for cases involving first time, nonviolent teen offenders.  A staunch defender of those most vulnerable in our community, Jen has continued to dedicate her time to helping lift up her neighbors and make Rochester a better place to live.  She was a regular volunteer at the Center for Youth's Crisis Nursery where she cared for children whose parents were undergoing great hardship such as escaping domestic violence or recovering from unexpected illness.  She has volunteered her time with many local charities including the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Volunteer Legal Services Project, Empire Justice Center and the American Lung Association.


"Shortly after moving to Rochester my father passed away from complications post-surgery.  He had been disabled for several years following